Morrissey & Co

When you’ve got a property to run, you need the most reliable equipment. That’s why so many cattle producers around Australia and the world trust Morrissey & Co.

Morrissey & Co is a family run and owned business, established in the town of Jandowae in 1910. For over a century, they have continued to develop quality cattle equipment that is durable, easy to use and built to last in the harshest of climates.

Morrisey & Co are manufacturers of quality cattle equipment, including the well-kniw, Morrissey Calf Branding Cradles, with several varieties available including manual and hydraulic cradles. Our product range also includes calf races, stainless steel and freeze branding irons, crow bars and earmarking pliers.

Wambo Windfarm

Wambo Wind Farm is a wind energy project located near Jandowae in the Western Downs Region of Queensland. Wambo will deliver clean, renewable energy to the national electricity grid and contribute to the Queensland Government’s renewable energy generation target of 50% by 2030, helping Queensland transition to a low carbon emission future.

When fully operational, Wambo will provide enough clean energy to power up to 170,00 houses annually and prevent the emission of 1.1 million tones of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere each year. Wambo is being co-developed by Cubico Sustainable Investment and Renewable Energy Partners.

A Walk Through Jandowae

Welcome to JANDOWAE, a friendly town proud of its community, industry, lifestyle and history. A town so proud that it tells its story on many of the power poles in the town centre through High Street and George Street.

Dalby Artist Graeme McCullough (GRAZART) was commissioned to paint the town’s story in 2016. Not only did he paint the story but he made the town centre come alive with colour, wonderful images that wind around the poles and also a little humour. Graeme is a truly talented artist who took an idea and produced works of art on the most unusual easel. Thanks to Graeme, Jandowae boasts a terrific Power Pole walk that tells a story to all who visit.

The Jandowae Story:

Entering Jandowae (from Dalby/Jimbour side) we welcome all visitors and display our sporting lifestyle. Jandowae has many great sporting facilities within the community and district, a wide range of sporting clubs and hosts a number of special events during the year. Strolling along the park area on your left you will observe the painted power poles telling the story of Jandowae events including our wonderful Biennial Timbertown Festival, as well as, the annual Trail Bike Ride, Jandowae Races and Golf Tournaments. Continuing along High St you’ll come to the Showgrounds pole that tells about our great show which is held in March each year as well as showing that horse riding is a passion in our local area – numerous Jandowae youngsters have honed their riding skills at the local Pony Club.

As the journey continues along High St you will see the creative way that Graeme painted the story of Jandowae’s Defence Force history (this can also be seen in George St outside the Memorial Hall). Graeme chose a comical and interesting way to demonstrate that children are a highlight of our community as are our numerous parks. He went on to paint some of our native flora and fauna making it almost come alive on our power poles. The cameraderie of the locals and the spirit within the community can be depicted in the artwork that Graeme has painted on some of the power poles.

Jandowae’s past and present day industries and businesses have been portrayed so that you are left with an impression of what is important within our community and what has shaped our community in the past. Graeme’s artwork tells the story of our farming lifestyle and local influences within our district. He has painted the story of our tourist attractions such as the Dingo Fence, Athlone Cottage and Bird-watching Trails. We see the great fundraising efforts and local influence that the people of our community made in the past to provide us with a range of Emergency Services. The timber industry is depicted in a number of ways to show Jandowae’s rich history in this field.

Graeme has painted our story not only with skill and respect but added a dash of humour that can be seen when looking at the closer details of a number of the power poles.

Thank you Graeme for your portrayal of the Jandowae Story.

Best wishes for the Fine Art and Photography Exhibition and 2018 Timbertown Festival Official Opening event – you truly deserve the honour of being the ‘Feature Artist’ of this event.